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 PokeMOC League Round Two: Yapdap vs. Juan Roux

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PostSubject: PokeMOC League Round Two: Yapdap vs. Juan Roux   Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:39 am

My opponent is Juan Roux on the Volcano terrain. He has not yet posted his entry.

The group is here!



Magcargo's hard (Inferno) is made of hardened magma.

He loses size after his battles, so I have to take him to be dipped in magma, so he can return to his original size. He has served me well for a long time.

Magcargo defeats Juan's first Pokemon with Flamethrower, and heavily damages his second.

"Come back, Magcargo!"



Doduo was easy to catch, but he's still quite efficient. Doduo uses Peck to defeat the second, and hurts the third.

"Come back, Doduo!"

"Now, I will destroy you with..."


Entei annihilates his last Pokemon with Eruption!

What better Pokemon for a volcanic terrain than the Volcano Pokemon? Entei was hard to catch, but once caught, I turned him into a K.O. machine!

His wispy back.

His powerful legs.

His wispy tail.


Fourth Wall:

I had fun building all of these. My reasoning for building Doduo is that he's a flying type, and a volcano is like a mountain, so I chose him. I didn't want ALL fire types, that's too predictable.

Here's the terrain.

Tell me what you think!
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PostSubject: Re: PokeMOC League Round Two: Yapdap vs. Juan Roux   Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:38 pm

Not bad!

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PokeMOC League Round Two: Yapdap vs. Juan Roux
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