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PostSubject: THE OFFICIAL TFOLPC RULES   Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:47 pm

These are the rules of our group. Obey them, or be mercilessly banned.

Here they are:

#1: You have to be a teenager - TFOL means 'Teen Fan of LEGO'. That means between 13 and 18. Users who join before the age of 18, and turn 18, will be allowed to keep their account for 3 more months when they will be honorably discharged. If you are younger than 13 and you join, you will be banned.

#2: No spamming - posting worthless comments over and over. This will get you banned. Also try not to "dominate" conversations, let other people say things too.

#3: No foul mouthing, cursing, or calling names.
Areetsa's Addendum #I: feel free to curse all you want. Just keep in mind the word filter is.. creatively configured. Also: deliberately using words like "shi!7" will get you in serious trouble. More to the point, limited swearing is fine; just don't go too far.

#4: The admins and moderators are in charge. Please remember that.
Areetsa's Addendum #II: they are not, however, deities, and are not to be treated as such.

#5: Treat others with respect as if we are all equal.
Areetsa's Addendum #III: on the other hand, if they don't deserve respect, it's dishonest to give it to them.

#6: Everyone gets a fair trial. If you feel that you were treated unfairly by any staff member please contact me through the PM system or by email.

#7.1: Act maturely.

#7.2: Try to keep your posts readable. No '1337 speak', no obnoxious abbervations. Proper spelling with capital letters and such is also required.
Areetsa's Addendum #IV: this is one of those rules that nobody pays attention to. That I know of, no-one's ever got themselves in hot water for violating this rule repeatedly and with enthusiasm. Rather, it was the content of their poorly written posts that got them the boot.

#8: Stay active! To be a real part of the group is to be active in conversations, but remember not to break rule #2.
Areetsa's Addendum #V: any and all iterations of the famous "Story Game" or "XXYYZZ The Post Above You" threads don't count for the purposes of this rule.

#9: No discussions about religion or politics are allowed, outside the Debate topic.
Areetsa's Addendum #VI: though as long as it doesn't get too out of hand, you'll probably get off with a wrist slap and having your posts shuffled into the appropriate thread.

#10: If you are inactive, disrespectful, disobedient to the rules, or we just don't like you, we have every right to ban you from the group without any prior warning.
Areetsa's Addendum #VII: doesn't get invoked very often, because when in Rome, people usually do as the Romans do. Until the sheep come out, then you want to quietly excuse yourself from the vicinity.

And this is just some friendly advice, not a rule: Don't quote long posts. It's extremely annoying. If you want to quote a long post, delete what the guy said first.

Another request: When uploading pictures, please use Brickshelf to host your images. Second choice would be Flickr. Thank you Happy

Have fun and obey the rules! Smile

Ben, and the rest of the TFOLPC Administration

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