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 To Mega Therion

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Bigger trees.
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Deus Otiosus

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PostSubject: To Mega Therion   Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:53 am

This creation was built for my MOCoff with Stormbringer, in which I went all-out (almost. I have another cool idea in mind, but I laready had a 50x50 base built, so I went with this) and intend to win.

As always, more pictures on Brickshelf.

Find 3 cats! (2 white, 1 black)

Second challenge! Estimate the age of the representing Draco rex niger, taking into account it's built in minifig scale!

(I strongly recomend watching the video, it's the best way to see all the details and features of the diorama)

To Mega Therion by Therion

And now, for another lesson in dragon biology, by Deus Otiosus! This time we are Learning about the most powerful species of dragon, the royal black dragon (Draco rex niger)!

The royal black dragon is the most powerful dragon species, combining a muscular body, spike-covered tail and an incredibly hot green fire. Many scientist belived, until recently, that the fire is green because of theoretical chlorine in it's fire-venom(the venom is icompletely carbon based in reality), but it is in fact a consequence of the extreme heat.

The royal black dragon dines primarily on human fles, although it will not hold back on other dragons, never canibalisticaly though, becasue of thick scales and sharp spikes over the neck, back and tail.

Nesting of The Great Beast is very specific, this relatively rare dragon only nests on areas it had burned in the radius of over three kilometres and generaly on temples built by its worshippers, rarely on rocs, where civilization isn't evolved enough/at all. Even in remote savannas and deepest jungles the tribes create shrines, altars or gigantic drawings to worship the dragon.The nest will hold one egg, and if two are laid, the mother will crush one of them (this action requires unnatural amounts of strength because of the hard (Inferno)) after a few years and mangle her baby. When the egg hatches, the dragon is already able to overpower some smaller species of dragons, although it doesn't need this power, since it feeds on sacrificed people, mostly children.

The dragon doesn't leave its deadlands for 50 years, which is when it reaches adolescence. During these decades, it learns skills and the regional language (to make demads of sacrifice) from its mother, practicing art of music (they sing songs of which sirens would be envious) and sculpture (carving rocks with its crystallyne calws).

At the age of 50 (up to 70) they leave the mother's turf and fly far away, generally finding their location in around 10 years. They become sexually mature at 150 years, but rarely mate at such age - it is more common in their adult stage, which is reached at the age of 300. They hibernate for 50-150 years at the age of 750, but they can communicate at the time (many foolish warriors chose this time to slay the dragon, only to have their swords brake and melt on the scales, which can reach extreme temperatures). Time has no power to touch them, beware, better leave these worms alone!

They mate once per millenia, when they gather on the poles, flying and dancing through aurora borealis and aurora australis, but only on the peak of the sun's cycle. To a being as powerful as To Mega Therion, radioactive mutations are the only force of evolution, since natural selection has nothing to find in them.

Male and female dragons are not distinguishable to an untrained eye, but there are some minimal differences that let us draconologists identify the royal black dragon' gender, like a slightly curved tail tip on males (female dragons have angular tail tip), horn angle and length (male horns have a stronger curve and are generally shorter, since they don't have to break eggs), the crown-shaped skin-covered spikes on the head also extend over the top of the head at female dragons.

Firebreathing has an importaint role in the Great Beast's life, in mating, nesting and intimidating, but not in hunting, since their prey, when they do hunt, is mostly dragons, who tend to be relatively resistant to fire (humans are generally sacrificed). During the hibernation a small gap on the mouth opens up, letting the fire the dragon breathes come between its second and third layer of scales, heating it up externaly to as much as 2000 degrees Kelvin, leaving the internal body at the DNA-acceptable 318 degrees Kelvin.

These dragons hatch at the length (nose(/horn tip at females)to tail tip) of 9 studs (3 metres), then grow to the length of 20-30 studs (7-10 metres) during the first 50 years, reachig 40-50 studs (13-17 metres) when they sexually mature and 75-100 studs (25-33 metres) when they reach the pre-hibernative adulthood and finnaly around 150 studs (50 metres) after the "hundred-year sleep", from which they do not grow any more.

Their hibernation is relatively eventful, but it may pose some problems to the dragon - even though it is practicaly invurnable, it is its time of greatest weakness - which is digging a hole to the world's outer core and dropping To Mega Therion in it or its worshippers leaving. The royal black dragon can speak during these years and mostly meditate to understand the world and their superior position in it, but they also find their most loyal followers at such times. After hibernation they reach the stage of the "elder dragon", which differs form the regular form merely by number of horns, tentacle formation resembling a beard and size.

Reanimaton of To Mega Therion is ill-advised and should absolutely never be preformed - if the dragon is killed (for instance, lava getting inside its multi-layered skill) and the brain manages to dissolve, the structures inside the cranium will keep a majority of its memories and will corrupt the soul given to the great beast's skeletal remains, after which the soulstone will melt and thus the necromancer will not pose a threat to the dragon, which will destroy anything it sees. A reanimated royal black dragon is also the only being more powerful than a living one (there are exceptions withing other hibernating dragons, but are extremely rare). The only ones that have a possible chance of leashing these bone dragons are their loyal worshipers and should only reanimate using the dragon's own soul, even if To Mega Therion asks to be killed to be renimated, for more power, becasue even though the remains of the dragon's conciousness are transferred to the bones, it may forget its followers and destroy the realms around. Worse scenario than that is that it remembers it had a follower and possibly friend, but forgets who he/she is, resulting in immesurable destruction on continental scale.

These information were gathered amongst the followers of these great worms, who are to be thanked for this general description of this most powerful dragon, abou which today's draconology lesson. The reliability of these information is very high, since one of these followers just explained To Mega Therion to you. (for the slower ones of you, that follower would be me)

Ho drakon ho megas!
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Medieval Guy
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Senior Member

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PostSubject: Re: To Mega Therion   Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:00 am

Wow, Deus. This diorama is something special! I love the scenery, especially the burned trees and lava pit. The building built into the cliff is fantastic in every aspect, from the architectural detail to the shape, light-up functions and that wonderful rock. Now, the dragon! Totally the highlight of this MOC (as it should be). The head is absolutely perfect. It looks so menacing! The use of hands going down its body is awesome, and the poses of the dragon are cool. And finally: man, you've got A LOT of black.
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Not Going Anywhere
Not Going Anywhere

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PostSubject: Re: To Mega Therion   Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:12 am

I'm sorry, WHAT?? I lost you after "This" because I was hallucinating and seeing a Youtube video streaming a giant vignette that cannot be humanly possibly built.... I must be drinking too much orange juice...
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PostSubject: Re: To Mega Therion   

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To Mega Therion
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