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 Ranks & Rep

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PostSubject: Ranks & Rep   Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:56 pm


You may have noticed that between your username and avatar/"buddy icon" there's a little logo and a name, like this:

Captain Coconut
Not Scared Off Yet

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Well: the ranks depend on how many posts you have. One post will give you "New Guy", 5 posts gets you "Not Scared Off Yet", 10 posts gets you "Settling In", 25 posts gets you "Doing Well Enough, and so on, so forth. The number of posts you need for an uprank become more and more as you go on. The highest rank requires more than 4000 and 6500 posts.

They don't mean anything, though; they just keep track of how long you've been around and how active you are.

Except: the post count ranks are fairly recognizable, in that pretty much all of them are built around a small + sign with the center punched out, and get more complex as the number increases.

The other types are fewer, but do actually mean something:

and a yellow username denote the status of admin. In other words, they run things, and they have full power to do anything they please. Including, but not limited to, editing your profile, your posts, your username, your rank, and, if they feel a need, banning you from the forum entirely for a period that could be anywhere between 5 minutes and 50 years.

They can also ban your email and/or IP addresses, so you're not as safe as you are on mocpages; if it's that bad, you won't even be able to start a new account. On mocpages, if you misbehave too much, you get kicked from the group, but you've got the rest of the site to play with. Here, the barrier is a bit higher, because there's so many steps between "finger waggling" and "NOT WANTED, GTFO!" but the potential punishments are much worse. More humiliating, too.

Prime Moderator

and a silver coloured username indicate a Prime Moderator, somewhere between Admins and Moderators. They don't have that much more authority than mods; they've got slightly more access to a couple of subforums that don't really apply to day-to-day affairs, and that's about it. Basically: Moderators with a certain degree of administrative responsibilities. Maintaining FAQ and help pages, for instance.


and a green username denotes a Moderator, who does moderator things.
They can move, delete, lock, split, and merge threads.
They can also, if I recall right, delete posts, edit posts, and possibly some other things. I can't be totally sure at the moment, because I can't find the little tab that lists all the wonderful things moderators can do.

Subforum Moderator

and a brownish username indicate a Subforum Moderator, somewhere between normal users and Moderators in capabilities.
They can do all the things a moderator can- but only in a limited number of subforums.
Mainly their job is to keep things sorted out in the moc posting subforums.

Friend Of The Regime

and a red username indicate a Friend Of The Regime, a user who has done something special/useful and been officially recognized for it. They don't have any sort of power, responsibility, or authority; it's just an honorary title.


indicates someone who misbehaved, repeatedly and egregiously, and is being punished for it.
Just being a bit naughty won't net you one of these; it takes a degree of real dedication to be saddled with one.

Once the staff feel you've learned your lesson, it'll get removed.

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PostSubject: Re: Ranks & Rep   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:27 pm


A moderator exists solely to facilitate the smooth and efficient operation of the forum.
That is all.

A moderator does not exist to lord it over the proletariat and use them for his personal slave workforce, when not demanding praise from them.

A moderator who does that has exceeded the bounds of his authority; nay, that is true, but does not capture the magnitude of the situation.

An analogy:
if a moderator's authority stretches from Mercury to Venus, then the above overlord and slavemaster would be well on his way to Eris (that's a planetoid even further out than Pluto, for the unaware.)

In other words, he'd have outlived his usefulness, and would not remain a moderator for long.

Moderators do not get leeway for poor behavior. If anything, they must adhere to stricter standards than the rest of the forum, because they're both more visible and have more power to abuse if they pull a temper tantrum.

I act abrasively because that's how I am, not because I have the protection of a moderator's authority. In fact: that's perhaps the wrong word. Maybe "responsibility" would be better.

So anyway: if a mod behaves badly, he's not protected from censure because of his position. If you want to report suspicions but are worried about reprisals, we have a PM system that even Flare can't interfere with. Shoot one of his fellow mods a line detailing your woes, and they'll look into it.

However: there's a number of things that aren't poor behavior.
If a mod tells you to stop doing something, before getting all irate, try stopping for a moment to consider if you might actually be misbehaving.
A certain degree of harshness is fine, especially if you've already ignored warnings.
Telling you to "SHUT THE (Disregard this post for I am a despicable caitiff) (Disregard this post for I am a despicable caitiff) (My vocabulary appears to be filled with ungentlemanly epithets) UP YOU LITTLE (Areetsa) (Areetsa) (wonderful lady) I HATE YOU STUPID (Areetsa) KIDS SO MUCH!!" is not.

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PostSubject: Re: Ranks & Rep   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:41 pm


Ranks indicate the quantity of your posts.

Reputation indicates the quality of them.

Once you've made more than five posts, the Rep system opens up for you, and you'll see little plusses and minuses on the right hand side of posts.

If you like a post, click the plus. If you don't, click the minus.

If you started a thread, you can choose one reply to "thank".

Your reputation is shown below your postcount.
Having one of your posts +1'd increases it by one point.
Having a post -1'd reduces it by that same amount.
Having a post "thanked" increases it by two points.

It's not an ironclad system; someone who just isn't popular could have plenty of mature posts but a rep in the -20s, or a popular spammer could have useless posts and a high rep to go with it, but it works well enough, I think.

You don't have to use it constantly; in fact, you shouldn't, because you can only make 10 +1's or -1's a day, and only once per post.

The bar on the right hand side indicates what people think of the post. All red means everyone who saw it considered it rubbish. All green indicates the opposite. A mixture indicates a measure of indecisiveness; the colour that dominates indicates what the majority thinks, but that there's also a measure of discontent.

But only if people remember to use the rep system.
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PostSubject: Re: Ranks & Rep   

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Ranks & Rep
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